Thursday, December 6, 2007

CAUTION: Wearing this may cause you to bake.

I received a note on my door yesterday that an attempt was made to deliver a package to me.......and so today I went to pick it up at the post office. I knew it was from childhood friend from Bryan....and I was so anxious to see what it was that I ripped into it in the car. And I was not disappointed at fact, it could not have been a more perfect gift.

Stephanie is the reason I started blogging....and reading blogs. Once you start reading blogs, that leads you to other blogs, that leads you to even more blogs. And before you know it, you have wasted a good bit of time. But really only time you would have spent loading the dishes or doing a load of laundry, and I have found those things sit back and wait patiently for me.

Anyway, one day on one blog, I saw a very cute apron. Then they began appearing on
many of the blogs. You could order an apron or a pattern. These aprons were made of vintage fabrics and could not have been more adorable. I cannot tell you how many times I almost ordered one. But then I would think, maybe I should try to make one.....I just never got around to it.

Well, Stephanie sent me the cutest (better than any I have seen to date) apron for my birthday! So now I may start cooking again. So Stephanie George Hirschberg, I thank you for the apron....and Chuck and Will thank you for the hot meals in their future.


  1. I'm so glad you like it. I was a little worried like it was like sending a spatula but way cuter. I wear mine to the shop when I work. Yea, I get some looks when I stop in at Target for an errand but do I care? I could have sworn that you had left a comment somewhere on my blog, "I want one of those aprons.", but I can't find it now for the life of me so I'm either psychic or crazy or can't choose.

  2. Love the blog - and the cute apron! Found your blog through Stephanie's, and I do love how the whole world is interconnected. But in a good way, not a creepy, stalker kind of a way.