Saturday, December 1, 2007


We have almost always had a huge, artificial, but very real looking tree. Mostly because we have gone to Mississippi over the holidays and I hated coming home to a dead tree and carpet full of needles. So after the first 3 or 4 years of our marriage we went to the artificial tree. Several years ago we purchased the biggest pre-lit tree and although it made a great was incredibly hard to decorate. It took lots of ribbon, ornaments and ladders to make it look full.

So just a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted a much smaller, skinny tree when our gigantic tree starting losing sections of lights. Much to my family's chagrin, we went out shopping for one. We got in Garden Ridge and Chuck just couldn't do it. He could not buy a little tree. It just wouldn't be Christmas (whatever...) I gave in, and we bought a medium tree with lots more lights on it than the one we had. Not as hard to fill up but still larger than I wanted.

But what you see above is the new tree I just purchased on a whim.....a white, tinsel tree.....7 feet tall but still rather small. I love it. I put all cookie and candy ornaments on it. And it is twinkly and sugar plummy. We didn't even get the other tree out of the attic. And the Hackney men are grumbling and pouting. They really want an explosion of Christmas in the house.

But the one who puts the ornaments on and the one who takes them down RULES. And the one who rules just turned 50.

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  1. Oh my dear goodness!!! What DO you charge to travel to Maryland to do a custom tree? We need a serious intervention here! That's beautiful.