Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am so new to this blogging that when I want to post a picture, it takes forever to figure that out and then my hand just randomly hits the enter key and the picture post before I have even typed the words. So read this and then scroll down to the picture of the black door. That was a screen door thrown out for Large Trash Pick-Up one Sunday evening. I backed up my suburban, put it in the back and brought it home. Chuck cut a board the size of the door. I painted the board with black chalkboard paint. After I painted the screen door with black enamel paint, I nailed the board to the back. We hung it in place of the utility room door and we now have a great door that we can use for messages, holiday decorations or grocery lists. This is definitely one of my favorite finds. When I found it, I had thought it would fit my pantry door, but it was too wide. It fits the other doorway perfectly.

Just a note to those who are reading this who don't know my husband. Chuck and I will celebrate our 24th anniversary this October 22. He is a great guy and a wonderful husband. But.....he still says, "It can't be done." when I ask him to help me with these decorating projects. We exchange words....usually, I get really loud....and then we end up doing the project. So while reading this, just remember that somewhere between the idea and the finished product is a lot of heated discussion! You would think he would learn by now.

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