Sunday, September 30, 2007

Are you a witch?

There are two ways to decorating for October....the month of Halloween. There's the fall colors, pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows and harvest. Then there's the blood and gore, ghosts and witches, spooks and goblins. Because I have taught in private and public schools where pumpkins are allowed but not jack-o-lanterns, I have collected a little of both. I love the colors of, white, orange, purple and neon green. When I put my things out in my entryway, I go with a very tame Halloween. Some jack-o-lanterns and a couple of witches....nothing too gorey. Although, if Will had his way, it would look gruesome. I miss the kids being young enough to really get into the Trick or Treating and talking about their costumes for the month leading up to the big night. I dont' put near as many decorations out as I used to. I think I still decorate just to remind myself that it is October....even though it's 95` outside.

At the school where I work, each grade level takes a turn decorating the PTO volunteer workroom each month.....along with providing them treats to snack on. I am doing the decorating for the kinder team ...we pulled the month of October. So I am loading up all of my pumpkins for the Pumpkin Patch theme. Tame.....but still fun to pull it all together. I guess that's why I was inspired to craft something for me and for the PTO room...even though I am still not feeling so well.

Today, I decoupaged a couple of paper mache boxes for fall. One represents the harvest....and the other....well, it says, "if the hat fits, wear it." There have many days in my life where you could almost see my hair turning neon green and if I had had the hat, it definitely would have fit. So which are you? The Pumpkin or the Jack? The witch or the scarecrow? The Boo! or Happy Harvest!

I know that many find it offensive, but when I think of Halloween, I just think of childhood Halloween school carnivals dressed as a gypsy....with all of my mothers scarves and costume earrings hanging on me.....and having the time of my life eating all that candy and staying up late. I never saw any of it as evil. I am not sure I even knew what evil was. Boy, time's have changed.

Sorry I am rambling. I am still sick and couldn't get in to see my doctor until Monday. Feeling worse today, I just didn't think I could wait until tomorrow. So I got up today and went to Wells' Walk In Clinic. For those of you who live in the 290 and 1960 area....this is the place to go. Wells is a PA and only accepts cash ($50). I was in and out in 40 minutes with a prescription for an antibiotic and a steroid (for the inflamation of my throat and bronchial lining). I am not feeling better yet, but knowing I am starting on meds means I will soon be getting better.

Chuck is in Jackson, Mississippi (again) until Tuesday. His mother is still in ICU although it looks like she is getting closer to moving to a real room maybe as early as tomorrow. He really pulled the short straw this weekend...missing being home while I had no voice! Some people just can't catch a break.


  1. Well, dear, I'm a witch with a capital B, truth be told. Big nose with a gnarly wort on the end and no sense of humor what's so ever. OMG, I feel a big, expensive trip to Michael's coming on. I bought a bunch of Halloween stuff from Home Goods I was going to try to make a dime off of for my shop then returned them as I really only want my own stuff in there (plus the cheesy factor). I hadn't had the least bit of Halloween inspiration until now, thanks for the ideas!!! I was just telling someone the other day about the carnivals we had in elementary school. That was alway my very favorite time of the year because it would finally be cooling off a little and going to Sul Ross and Henderson Elementary for the cake walk and the fishing pond was always my favorite. Justin's school in CA had a fair like that each year after the Butterfly Parade where each grade dressed as a different thing, first grade were always butterflies. Look who's rambling now, but I haven't see or heard of one since then. It was the biggest fundraiser of the year and soooooooooooo much better than $6 rolls of wrapping paper that eventually ended up in the garbage. Thanks for the memories and the inspiration. You still gotta voice here.

  2. Oh, Julia! You are so funny and soooo talented! I just know your family feels so lucky to have you!
    I know I feel blessed by your helpfulness and your friendship. I love you!