Thursday, August 30, 2007

Herding Cats

The term "herding cats" has no better use than being used to describe what the adults in charge of kindergarteners are doing ....especially the first week of school.

Yesterday, as I was leading a group of about 50 kindergarteners from Music to PE through a crowded cafeteria, I was feeling so confident. I was thinking,"Wow...they are really getting this!" I arrive in the gym and PE begins. Suddenly, a little boy who had previously been in my line walked in the door. A few seconds later, in comes another kindergarten boy with a teacher...."I found him in the hall."

So I pull the two aside and begin to lecture them in a very firm voice with my furrowed eyebrows. I let them know how they must NEVER leave a line. "This is a big school and you could get lost." While I am talking they are looking at everything but me. So I ask one of them what I just said. He responds, "I wasn't lost. I was in the bathroom." So he at least heard the "lost" part....but really it didn't apply to him. I am pretty sure he didn't catch the "stay in line" part.

Herding cats and talking to aliens.

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  1. i'm enjoying reading this... it'll be fun for you to look back on as kind of a journal. i miss y'all... and the dogs... and the constant noise and commotion. :)

    oh, and you might want to change your blog settings to allow anyone to comment... as of right now, only people who use this blog site can comment. just sign in and go to your settings to change it.