Monday, August 20, 2007


a - alive, as in "It's good to be alive!"
b - be happy
c - Cameron, my middle child;Carol, my teacher friend;Catha, my dearest sister
d - Dixie, my oldest dog;Debbie
e - excited to be starting a new school year
f - funny, as in "I love funny friends."
g - a good friend
h - Hackney, as in Chuck
i - sister's married name
j - Jordan, my oldest child
k - Karrie and Kerri, my teacher friends
l - laugh
m - most important job;Monica
n - new car
o - omg
p - please and thank you
q - It's good to be queen.
r - always do what's RIGHT for the children.
s - Sadie, the chihuahua
t - talk...As in I love to talk and my husband doesn't.
u - The pimple on my nose is making me ugly.
v - I wish I was voluptuous.
w - William, my youngest child.
x - xylophone? xerox? Does anybody use those things anymore?
y - I love to work in my yard.
and z - I wish I knew how to put in a zipper.

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  1. I am in your abc's twice! I love it, and I love you! Catha