Sunday, August 26, 2007

too late to correct her...

Today I went to get my hair cut and colored by Van. She's a Vietnamese woman who runs her own shop and works harder than anybody I know. When I got there she said, "Hello Jordan." I said, "hi"...then she said, "What color we do your hair today Jordan?" I said, "whatever you think...highlights and low lights....just cover the gray..." Then I picked up a magazine and begin to read up on Brittany while I waited my turn. Then when it was my turn she said, "Okay, Jordan, go get smock."

And on and on it went for the next 2 hours. My name is Julia. My daughter is Jordan. But since I didn't correct her the first or second became too late to correct her. I think I thought the first time it was just a slip. But when it happened again, her customer was looking at me and I didn't want to correct her in front of the girl....not sure why that bothered me. And then the 3rd through 10th time, it just seemed too late.

Oh, well. Speaking of Jordan. She has safely arrived in Scottsdale for her 5 month internship with the Fiesta Bowl. And Cameron is safely back at A&M after traveling with Jordan and flying back to Houston. God is good.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I will be in bed early tonight and early every night this week.

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  1. Too funny, the new Erma Bombeck. I'm so excited to have your blog (and therefore a peek in your head and your life) in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this and FINALLY sharing it. I love you, Stephanie