Monday, April 30, 2012

Water Repellent Pants

This will be the last summer before Will graduates....if all goes as planned and he passes his senior classes next year.  The last two summers, he has worked at the YMCA as a day camp counselor. And while that was a good job and he loved it... he was strongly encouraged to get an internship in his field this summer.  Blah, blah, looks good on your resume, blah, blah.

What is his field?  Hmmmm.  Well, his degree will be in Communication: Radio and Television with a minor in Film.  His dream is to become a film director.  He loves photography.  He wants to move to New York City or L.A.  Or Austin.  He really wants to write for Saturday Night Live.  Or maybe act.

Let's just say, something in the film industry.  Let's just hope it's not working at the ticket counter of a movie theater.  (just kidding Will!)

I have suggested he learns to wait tables this summer as that will help him while he pursues his dream.

Really, we just want him happy....and graduated...and employed.  I say "go for long as you can pay your bills." Daddy grits his teeth because Daddy is an engineer....and he doesn't understand having an open ended plan.  Engineers become engineers.  But Communication majors become....well that depends....

Here's how one of those interviews for a summer internship went according to Will:

Me:  How'd it go?

Will:  I don't know.  I was nice and  I made them laugh but I don't think I'm what they want.

Me:  Why?

Will:  I don't know.  I was so nervous, I'm not sure if I answered the questions the right way. 

Me:  Well did they say anything at the they will get back with you?

Will:  Not really.  And I felt so bad for them....cause I had to shake their hands and my palms were dripping wet.

Me:  Why didn't you wipe them on your pants!?!?

Will:  I tried.  But those pants y'all bought me were like water repellent.

Those pants were men's dress slacks. After that conversation, I don't think any of us were very hopeful.  I just kept thinking about those wet handshakes.  Oh, well.

Last night, Will told me he had gotten 5 letters of decline for some internships he had applied for. He was sounding pretty down so I told him if worse comes to worse, he may have to work at the Y again.  Just get a job. 

Today...he got a phone call from the company he first interviewed with...the wet handshakes one...and they want him!  He called me giggling, he was so happy.  (Huge sigh of relief for I wanted Will AND Chuck happy about a job for Will this summer.)

The good news is this internship is in Houston.  He can live at home and carpool with Chuck...and save some money.  Or he can ride the Metro and pay for it himself.  Or spend his hard earned money on gas.  Carpooling is sounding way free.

Hopefully he won't have to wear water repellent pants every day.

The really great news? 

Harry will have his boy home for the summer.   


  1. Now I get why you understand Engineer/Artsie so well. How did I not realize Chuck is also an engineer? I'm so happy Will's internship worked out. I'm betting no one is happier than Harry.

  2. Awesome, congrats to Will! God know where He is taking Will. Believe me, he needs to do what he was made to do. I misshaving a creative job.