Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Finished...

The last coat of paint was put on the inside of the door yesterday, so the Powder Room is done.  The only before  picture I could find of the Powder Room is this one...

There was a golden damask print wallpaper,  white pedestal sink and a gold light fixture. 
There was nothing wrong with any of it,
except the warped and musty smelling hardwoods around the potty. 

Once we decided to replace the floor, the job just grew and grew. 
So now we have a new vanity, a new light fixture,
painted walls and a new "faux" brick wall. 
I painted and textured over the wallpaper and the trim all got new paint, too.

 I took the doors off of the cabinets that hang above the toilet and hung some antique corbels. 
 Shopped the house and Target and accessorized the open shelves.

This little 3' x 6' room turned into a major project...
that I could only work on here and it also took a lot longer than expected.

But it's finished.
So here is the "after."

I found the antique corbels on my Silver Bella trip in Omaha, Nebraska. 
The rusted iron piece over the potty was found in Roundtop
 and has been hanging outside on our fence.

We found this antique mirror at Leftovers Antiques in Brenham
on our way to Austin for the MS150.

Because the room is so tiny and there was already a lot going on
with the new vanity and brick wall,
I painted the trim, inside of the door and walls the same color. 
I used a satin latex enamel for the shelves and trim and door
 and an eggshell latex wall paint on the walls.


It's finished.

And how is Harry?

Harry is fine.

The comforter? 

It's finished.

Last bed he's getting.
I mean it.


  1. I SO LOVE IT!!!! I didn't not remember (can you believe it) you getting the corbels but they're gorgeous. The whole thing is wonderful. I redid our powder room a few years ago after seeing a paint treatment in this crazy woman's home and went home and tried it. I love that powder room but it TOOK ALL DAY just to do the walls of that tiny room with paint mixed with joint compound. Sound familiar? The trowel was all wrong as I figured out too late. You do continue to inspire!!!

  2. It looks awesome! Good job! I'm shopping for a powder room mirror!

  3. I Love it! Those corbels! Yum. I like them even better because you meet them and me around the same time. I really love the brick. I really need some brick. I'm missing my little tiny powder room in our old house. Little spaces are fun to decorate.

  4. It looks great! LOVE the brick wall!