Monday, April 23, 2012

3232 Houston to LaGrange

This weekend, Cameron rode in the MS150 for the third time.
  We made the drive over to LaGrange to watch her head in to the finish line on Saturday,
 Day One of the two day ride. 

My sister and her husband joined us this year so we packed an ice chest with lots of beverages and picnic food.  Plus chairs.  Plus signs.  And sunscreen. 

And the wait began for #3232.

This is the view we stared at for hours.  Bikers coming around that curve.
After several hundred bikers, they all begin to look alike.
And we cheered them all on.


We ♥ 3232!
(Cameron's number ...and much shorter to paint on a sign)

Retrieving the blown over sign....for the fiftieth time.
We got lots of "whoops" and "gig'ems" because of that maroon chair.

And some "what about me?  Do you love me, too?"

The answer was "of course."

Bikers short.  Bikers tall.  Bikers wide.  Bikers small.

Bikers breathing fumes.

Bikers staying together.

Bikers standing out in the crowd.

A biker we knew! 
This was our preacher when we lived in Pecan Grove.
  He baptised Will 21 years ago. 
We haven't seen him in at least 14 years.
He acted like he recognized us but he had been on a bike
in the wind for hours and we've aged a bit...
not to mention we were out on the side of the road...
and not in a church pew where he had seen us 14 years before.
But like the nice preacher he was,
 he stopped and spoke to us...
maybe because we hollered his name.

And finally!  There she is....the biker on the right.  #3232

We got there at 3:00
 (due to Chuck's rushing us to get there so we wouldn't miss her). 
By the time we spot her it's 6:20 p.m.
We've cheered on a million bikers,
 eaten several helpings of picnic food
 and gotten a little sunburned.

All for #3232

It was worth every bit of the wait to see that determined girl
with the big grin and positive attitude. 

After Cameron got back on her bike to head on to the finish line and then a shower and some sleep,
 we drove on to Austin for the night. 
We all took spit baths and met up with Jordan and Chris and Will for dinner.
Will had driven over from Nacogdoches and
 Jordan and Chris were visiting Austin for a long weekend. 

Dinner was at 10:30 p.m. 
A long, long day.

Saw all 3 of my kids and
 was with my sister all day.

A very good day.


  1. Thanks for waiting! And for force-feeding me fruit when I got there!

  2. WAY TO GO CAMERON! Wow, what a woman! I think that perhaps Greg Stiles rides in these too. You may want to check. He was my brother-in-law for a while; I adore him-great guy.

  3. I'm amazed! I can't imagine doing anything that physically challenging. You are a sweet Momma for sitting there and cheering her on.