Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Super Bowl's On....

...but I'm not watching it.  I tried to watch a little of it...but I just can't sit still for football.  I did however make a delicious dip for our Super Bowl Party of 2.  

Back up a little....on New Year's Eve, we were at my brother-in-law's deer camp in Mississippi.  There was a potluck dinner served with lots of dips and desserts.  One dip was so good that I had to get a second and third helping.  I could tell it was a cheese based dip with bacon...but there was this sweet sauce on top that was making the whole thing delicious.  You know it's good when you wake up thinking about it the next day. 

On the way home from our trip, we stopped at a store that sold The Delta Magazine Cookbook.  The Delta Magazine is a magazine published in Cleveland, Mississippi....Chuck's hometown.  My mother-in-law always has a stack of magazines on her coffee table and this magazine has become one of my favorites.  It's like a Southern Living, Junior....home decor and wonderful recipes.  So when I saw the cookbook, I had to have it.  All those recipes published over the last 50 publications compiled in one book.

Looking through the cookbook on the long drive home, I came across a recipe for Captain's Cheese Bake.  Reading the ingredients, I began to taste the recipe you do that?  Well, I do...and it was that dip!  Reading the ingredient Captain Rodney's Boucan Glaze is what made me realize it. 

As soon as I got home, I googled Captain Rodney's Boucan Glaze and ordered a bottle here.  And tonight I made the dip.  It cost 12.99 plus shipping for a 13 oz. bottle which should be enough to make the dip twice.




Here it is!

I used a 1/2 cup of Real Bacon Bits and did not grease the pie pan because it was glass....and because hello?....cheese is grease.   And I used more like 10 Ritz Crackers to cover the top.  It was just as delicious as I remembered it. 

You will have to order this glaze online...but I promise you, it will be so worth it.  Trust me. 

On another note....Chuck and I went to see The Descendants last night.  If George Clooney had just stared at the camera, it would have been enough for me.  But he did way more than that and I loved the movie. 

It's somewhat of a dark subject matter as it takes place during the 15 days after the wife's accident on a motor boat, leaving her critically injured and in a coma unable to breathe on her own.  George's character is a busy lawyer who is so uninvolved in his daughters' lives, he has no idea how to even talk to them. While there is certainly sadness in the air, there is just enough humor for relief.   The characters are quirky, real and honest.  I want to see it again.  And I rarely feel that way about a film.

Beautifully acted, gorgeous cinematography and directed by Alexander Payne...who directed About Schmidt and Sideways.  I think it's a must see in the theater. 

And because I haven't mentioned another dog besides Harry lately, I thought I would show a before and after of Maggie...who was taken to the groomer today because Chuck thought she stunk.  If I had known that's all it took for him to take the initiative to take her to the groomer, I would have made her stink on purpose long ago.   


One eyed bandit.


Two Bowed Cutie.


She's ashamed.


She feels pretty.

Eye check-up tomorrow.  Hoping all is healed.  This no bending and no lifting is making me lazy.  I mean, if you can't bend or lift, you might as well just sit.

And because I think you should see just how sweet Harry can be (when he's not eating important papers and uncooked sweet potatoes off of the kitchen counter)....


  1. Maggie looks adorable...and, yes, they know when they look good!!! (I had a poodle once.) Surely there is a substitute for that glaze. Could you work on that? Otherwise I guess I'll have to order it....nothing like a great appetizer! We had chips and french onion dip and mini corndogs for our party of two. Total junk food! I can't tell ya the score...but it's on in front of me... do watch the commercials... and Madonna was okay. Hope your eye is totally healed.

  2. Sure hope your eye has at least healed enough for you to bend and lift. We never realize how much we do certain things until we can't. I am having some carpal tunnel problems and have to use plastic cups as our regular glasses are too heavy for me to hold. Even holding a paper back book in bed last night caused me problems. Maggie is a cutie and I can tell Harry is right at home. I am going to order some of that glaze - the dip sounds yummy. I made buffalo chicken cheese dip for us.

  3. OMG Harry is huge! He really is very handsome. Maggie looks great too! Glad to hear George's new movie is good. I'll go see it. Since he is a hometown boy, practically, I like to watch him. Yeah, thats a good reason, right?

  4. Linda, re: substitute for Captain Rodney's. Just yesterday I met a woman who said she uses a jar of Tabasco's Pepper Jelly instead of Captain Rodney's, omits the crackers, uses crushed pecans instead, doesn't use as much mayonnaise, and increases the amount of green onions. I might try her version, because I love pecans, and Tabasco's pepper jelly is much easier to find (cheaper, too.)