Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eye Am Good

I had my eye check-up yesterday and all is healed...from the laser surgery for the retinal tear part of it, anyway.  There is still some residual stuff in there causing the cloudy floater but it will take a while to go away...if it even ever goes away completely.  Eventually, I will not notice it so much....they say. 

When I walked in to the doctor's office, the first face I saw was Chuck's.  I was completely surprised. He was supposed to be at work.  This was 10:30 in the morning.

Me:  What are you doing here?

Chuck:  I wanted to make sure your eye is okay.

Me:  Oooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyy.  Well, you may be awhile...because they'll call me back to dilate my eyes and then it'll take about 45 minutes to be fully dilated.  I may be here a long time.

Chuck:  That's okay.  I want to stay around to hear the results.

So we waited together and played Words With Friends....and then he came back with me for the examination.  It was really, really sweet of him.

Or it could be I have made him feel guilty for not taking this "eye" thing seriously enough.  I mean, I did go through the laser SURGERY alone. I may have said that a time or two the last couple of weeks.  I excel at "milking it."

The doctor told me I could ease back in to bending and lifting.  I asked if I could just say I had to continue no lifting or bending...because it did get me out of a few chores.  He said for me to do whatever works for me...and then gave me a wink.

So I am easing back in to bending and lifting.........unless, of course, it is a laundry basket or groceries.