Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bending...or NOT Bending

Two weeks ago, I tore my retina.  I should tell you that it never hurt, I didn't feel anything ...only a huge cloudy floater showed up in my eye and then I saw a couple of flashing lights in my peripheal vision. But in the last two weeks, I've had a lot of people ask me how my eye is doing....and there have been a lot of people watching me like a hawk. 

You see, I was given strict instructions to NOT bend or lift for 2 weeks.  My follow up exam is on I am still not allowed to BEND or LIFT until then.  Apparently, the laser surgery around the tear (rhymes with bare) will create a scab and adhere the tear back down but it takes awhile.  So no bending or lifting until they check me out on Monday.

I have never needed to bend and lift as much as I have in the last 2 weeks.  I bend to wash my face, I bend to load the dishes, I bend to give the dogs their treat, I bend to pick up the million things a day that I drop.  I bend to get a bag for the customer's purchases.  I bend to dust the lower shelves.  I bend to put my shoes on.  I bend to..............oh, you get it. 

And I lift to help Maggie on the bed.  I lift the laundry baskets.  I lift the clean dishes out of the dishwasher.  I it?

I have been in mid-bend position several times and been yelled at (endearingly) by my co-workers.  Like I said, they've watched me like a hawk. 

I've tried to bend like this........with my head/eyes kept at a level position....

But sadly, my automatic...go-to....bend position looks more like this........

So, while I've done my best to NOT bend or lift....and the girls at the store have done their best to "police" me (thank you), I have slipped up a time or two.  Here's hoping my eye has healed. 

By the way....those are just images taken off of the internet...but didn't that artist nail "cellulite" in his painting?  ha.

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