Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retail Baby...

Now that I work in retail, I am in that time warp that moves the holidays forward and one has to stop twice to think about what day it is.  You know it's July, but the store is decorated with Fall leaves.  It's Labor Day but the witches and ghosts are adorning the store.

Well, I have been looking at the cutest Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations for the last month or more and I have failed to even put out one thing in this house.  This bothers me a little because I never wanted to be that person that stopped decorating for the holidays.  I remember my mother putting Christmas lights on a ficus tree and calling the house ready for the holidays...and it horrified me.

But now? Imagine a graph where the line that represents Holiday Decorating is taking a sharp dive just as it crosses the line that represents Aging streaking to the top...that would be a graph of my life right now.

Last month, I went to Roundtop with my friend Karen T. who I hadn't seen in a very long time.  When she got in the car she handed me a gift that she had had for me for almost 2 years.  It was an adorable acorn.  It made her think of me and my holiday decorating and she bought it and hung on to it until she saw me again.

I immediately came home and put it on my buffet with the best of attentions of getting the rest of the Fall decorations out.  That never happened.

Yesterday, I added my adorable black & white pumpkin that my other friend, Karen L. painted for me a few years ago...with a Thanksgiving tag on it. 

And sadly this may be as good as it gets around here.  But I love it.  Because when I look at it, I see my friends' gifts......and I know I am blessed.

By the way.......Christmas is in the store!  We are in October...but it's Retail Baby!  And the holidays come around the corner quickly. Come by and see us.


  1. I totally understand. I do love the gifts your Karen's give you!

  2. Love acorns. A sure sign us November birthdays are on their way.