Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lived Wide

Some of us will live long lives.  Some of us won't.  But how wide we live depends on us.  A dear friend of my nephews, Mark and Jack,  died unexpectedly last weekend and they are reeling from the pain.

Sofia was a graduate of Sam Houston State University where my nephews also attended and the 3 of them were involved in Musical Theater together. She was extremely talented. She was exotic looking and rowdy and introspective and loud and quiet and funny...full of life.  She lived wide.

But unfortunately she did not live long.  She lived 27 years.  Still a young woman.  On the edge of adulthood.  Just starting her career.  Way too short for those who loved her.

At the time of my daughter's wedding in March, 2010, Sofia was the girlfriend of my nephew Jack.  She attended the wedding as his guest so she is captured in some of the pictures.  While I didn't know her well, I could certainly see that she was full of life.

And while Jack and Sofia were not together as a couple at the time of her death, she was certainly someone he still loved.  And it's for him I am hurting for this week. 

To Jack,

My sympathies.   Go out and make a good life.  Live wide.  Do it for Sofia.

Aunt Julia

Photos courtesy of Caroline Fontenot.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this!! I very much enjoyed chatting with her at the brunch. You seemed to describe her perfectly: "loud and quiet and funny"

  2. Julia, you have such a gift. I want you to write about me when I die. Whatever you think, truthful as you are, the good and the bad. Because I know you will nail exactly who I was. And that will make me happy for my family to know.