Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today is our 28th wedding anniversary.
I decided to list 28 things I love about Chuck
in honor of this day.

  1. He is kind to everyone.
  2. He is patient with me.
  3. He is a handyman...and if I call it a project, he's on it!
  4. He takes care of paying the bills...not only is he a good provider, but he actually sits down twice a month and pays the bills.
  5. He is a loyal employee.
  6. He takes care of the cars.
  7. He grills steak every Sunday evening.
  8. His side of the closet is always neater than mine.
  9. He helps with the laundry...and has learned to hang my things to dry.
  10. He grocery shops.
  11. He provided a college education for our children.
  12. He is not a picky eater...and is okay with cereal or sandwiches for dinner.
  13. He doesn't mind that I rearrange furniture constantly.
  14. He likes to go to the movies.
  15. He is dependable.
  16. His laugh.
  17. His voice.
  18. His brown eyes.
  19. He doesn't cuss...and flinches when I do.
  20. He doesn't talk badly about people. Ever.
  21. He cries when he watches Undercover Boss.  Everytime.
  22. He loves to watch ghost shows but will change the channel when I come in because I hate them.
  23. He never complains about his long commute.
  24. He brings me dessert everytime he goes out to eat with clients.
  25. He makes the coffee every night before going to bed.
  26. He is quiet in the morning when he gets up 2 hours earlier than me.
  27. He is the my storm.
  28. He keeps his promises.

Happy 28th Anniversary Chuck.
 I do love you.

October 22, 1983


then two...

then three...

A son-in-law added and all the babies are grown up...28 years later.


    1. *19. Except when driving down Mulholland Drive.

      All of the other ones I can completely agree with.

    2. You picked a good man Julia! I love that list. Have 28 years flown by?

    3. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating.

    4. That was fast! And easy!!!!!!!