Monday, March 14, 2011

My Purse....

I went to the eye doctor today.....then on to the place in the mall to get eye glasses in an hour.  Because I'm impatient like that.   They were having a buy one pair, get a spare I ended up with 2 pair of glasses.  Let's call these driving glasses.  My vision is 20/ it's not very bad unless I need to read the menu on the t.v. or a street sign at night. But I've been squinting more and more lately and it was good to get the eyes checked out. (I almost didn't pass the eye test when getting my driver's that was the first clue my eyes were getting worse.)

Will and his friend met up with me for lunch at the mall then we went our separate ways and I ended up at Marshall's. Looking for nothing, just enjoying the freedom of being out running the streets on a Monday.  Spring Break freedom.

I stopped to look at a pair of shoes.  Ended up trying them on.  Leaned down to buckle them.  Stepped back to look in the mirror.  Decided they were a no.  Leaned back down to unbuckle.  Put them back in the shoe box.  Then turned back to my basket to move on.

My purse was gone!  Panic set in quick! 

I yelled out across Marshall's.....



I had everyone's attention.....stopped the store in its tracks.  Then I looked around in a panic.  And right there on my other side was my basket with my purse.

I somewhat yelled out:  Never mind.  sorry. whoops.

 (pointing to the empty basket, then my basket.)    

A couple of people may have rolled their eyes at me.  And one little girl continued to stare at me way past a normal amount of time. One lady walked up to me and told me her heart just about stopped.  And then went on to tell me her stolen purse story. 

sorry.  sorry.  sorry.  CARRY ON. 

But hey!  It worked.  If it had been stolen, I got everyone's attention.  Perhaps someone would have caught the thief.

Y'all I had 2 new pair of glasses in that purse, not to mention my wallet.  No cash though....never any cash. 


  1. You are absolutely the funniest woman EVAH!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  2. Maybe you should try those glasses on when you are just out and about...just for a lark.... I can so see you yelling about your purse... and then staring that little girl down. rofl

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!I am cracking up! I am at work and I am glad no one is near me. I about peed my pants. Thanks for a fantastic laugh this morning.

  4. that one made me laugh out loud too!!! Reminds me of "my wallets wallets gone!!!!"....from Seinfeld......too funny!!!

  5. Oh my gosh! That sounds like something I would do. So great tip about yelling out like that but I will be sure to left and right first...

  6. I am a new follower of today and I read this post and just burst out laughing. That sounds just like something I would do. So glad you were shared it with us.

  7. So wish I couldn't relate to this but it sounds just like something I would do. At least you didn't have the store in Code Blue lockdown.