Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beef....It's What's For Dinner

After the incident of the purse in Marshall's yesterday, I continued to shop....far away from the scene.  I found a Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade cookbook.

 I love Sandra Lee's cookbooks, so I picked this one up for 4.99.  If you're not familiar with her style of cooking, she takes store bought products (canned and packaged goods) and turns them into good meals...as she says "that taste like they're made from scratch."    I read cookbooks more than cook from them...but I already found a recipe in this one that I'm trying tonight.

*I added an egg in the cornbread mix and cream-style corn mix...

This recipe reminds me of one of my all time favorite meals my mother used to cook...and I cooked when my kids were little.  The meat mixture is made with cooked hamburger meat,  a jar of spaghetti sauce, sauteed onions and green bell peppers, then topped with a layer of canned corn (drained) and jiffy cornbread prepared as directed on the box....then cook at the degree and time on the box for cornbread. Yum. 

Tonight's meal will be with a Mexican spicy flare....... 

But first, I need to find a beautiful Mexican shirt like she has on to serve it up in.

Post Script:  Wednesday morning: This was delicious!  Served with a salad and a Margarita.  Yum.


  1. i loved this recipe you made! how did you make it? is this close?

  2. I love your blog. Just caught up on about 5/6. Started with the rodeo cut & paste...jeez, how do you do elementary kids? High school..we only worry about unmentionable things...loved the Disney World post..so true. Your sense of humor just makes my heart sing!!! Truly! Tomorrow is Friday...spring break over...I just twirl in space and regret the lose of time...so what is new? That me! Hope you enjoyed yours. I too went to doctors...thank goodness I wasn't in your Marshall's. You are too funny!!

  3. I just read your blog for the first time today after getting it off Kelly's Korner, I read about your purse incident and burst out laughing. That is so something that I would do... I am so happy that you found it and all was fine. I still think it is pretty funny that I am not the only one who would get so caught up in trying on shoes(coats) that I would forget where my cart was. I will now be a daily follower. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Sounds great. I will definitely look for her books. What's this "scratch" word you mention? And, dude, where's my kitchen?