Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Wine Club Has a Book Problem

...a quote from one of the ladies last Book Club.

The last time we met I was the hostess and the book we selected to read was this.....

I had already read it at that time and didn't reread it, so needless to say I had pretty much forgotten what it was about.  While it's not the best book I've ever read, I did find it enjoyable and very interesting to learn what Mennonites' religion and culture is really like from an insider. The book's a personal memoir by Rhoda Janzen.  Raised as a Mennonite in California, she left her family home and religion and spent the next years in the non-Mennonite America that most of us live in.  She married a bipolar atheist which resulted in a rather difficult marriage.  Her marriage ended after 15+ years and she was seriously injured in a car the same week. Rhoda makes the decision to go "home" to heal.  Returning to her Mennonite roots make for some funny observations.  I loved this author's wit and her character descriptions. 

The real reason we picked this book for our selection was our connection to the author.  One of our members was also raised in a Mennonite fact, the same Mennonite community in California as Rhoda Janzen.   Rhoda's father was the officiating minister (not sure if that's what you call him) at our friend's wedding in the 70's.  So we had our very own authority of that culture in our midst.

So this month's gathering at a different home, as we discussed this book, the topic of religion  came up...of our own religions related to or opposed the Mennonites.  The conversation became loud and controversial at times.  Perhaps a few political beliefs were thrown around.  Maybe even a discussion about morality.  Let's just say that opinions were not all the same.

  The only forbidden subject not covered was s*x.   
(hint: not six)

It was a this point that our wonderful hostess pulled out the chocolate cake. 

That will quiet a crowd quick.
Suddenly everyone was in agreement. 
Chocolate is good like that.

On a different note.......
As the world is worrying about the devastation from the earthquake in Japan, the leaking radiation, the situation in Libya, and drastic budget cuts to the education system, this is what I want y'all to know...

A local family was on their way back from a Spring Break trip to Florida.  The 15 year old son was driving.....taking advantage of having his permit.  For unknown reasons, he lost control of the SUV and it rolled several times.  The 11 year old brother and both parents were ejected. 

The 11 year old died and the mom and dad are critically injured and in a hospital in Tallahasee, Florida.  Apparently no seatbelts for those three.
I don't know this family but several people I know do.   I'm not telling this story to make you feel sad....although how could you not?  But I know this situation makes me put my daily stresses in the right perspective.

Radiation?  Budget Cuts?  I have no control over that.  But I can use my seat belt. I can be more attentive when driving.  I can pray for this family.   

Life can change quickly. 
Wear your seat belt.
Focus when you're at the wheel.

Stay in this day.


  1. Amen Sista! I've been reviewing this concept with all my sons recently, 1/1000th of a second and your whole life changes. Also praying for them. Thank you for the book info; it sounds like it's worth reading. And, I do believe, it sounds worth moving to Houston to join that book club!