Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Madness

As of yesterday at 4:00 pm, Spring Break began!  There's a lot of nothing going on around here but I have 2 college kids in the house this morning and a week of relaxation in front of me making me a little giddy. 

A couple of  other things that are making me giddy.....

First thing...

Yesterday I was working with one little on one.....because this particular boy cannot finish his work in the classroom.  Ever.  As in "no finished product thus far this year" unless he is assisted by someone.  This boy is sweet, cute and smart.  But his focus is always on anything but the paper in front of him.  He can spend 20 minutes staring into his crayon box with a wondering look on his face like, "what did I come in here for?"  Boy, do I relate to that.

This boy also has a lot of spit in his mouth.  Like the kind of spit that makes bubbles and hangs at the edges of his tongue and the corners of his mouth.  We might too, if we didn't have the involuntary mechanism to swallow now and then. 

So as I'm working with him, he looks up to say something to me and a huge spit ball flies out of his mouth and on to my sleeve....right below my shoulder.  I see it flying out with my peripheral vision, but I continue to look at his eyes. 

He looks at my eyes, at my sleeve, at my eyes, at my sleeve, at my eyes, at my sleeve.

Me:  (with a smile and a very nice voice)  You just spit on me didn't you?
 (not fussing, just asking)

Him:  (looks me in the eye, looks at my sleeve, looks me in the eye, looks at my sleeve)

He never said a word.....just all that eye movement for like 30 seconds.

We just moved on.........but I'm still laughing about that. About his eyes darting back and me, at the spit, at me, at the spit.  And the good news is he finished his work in record time with me sitting on him (figuratively speaking).

Second thing.......

Lady Antebellum last night!  70,000 of us were in an intimate setting to watch the concert.  I wish I would have brought my good camera with the zoom lens and my binoculars...but all I had was the camera on the cell phone.  

In my head, I still feel like the young girl I was....but it's times like this that I realize I have aged and am over some of this kind of stuff.  It took longer to get to the rodeo and get home from the rodeo than the whole thing lasted.  Lots and lots of being herded into lines.......lines of cars in traffic on the freeways to waiting to get on the Metro Rail to walking in lines to get in to Reliant Park........blah, blah, blah..........then within a couple of hours reverse it and do it all again.  Getting 70,000 people in to this place and out of this place takes a lot of lines.  Moooooooooo.  Moooooooo.  I know how cattle feel.

We were treated to some great food and cold beer and leather I am thankful for that.  Just wish I would have brought my binoculars.  If you're going to see something like this...I like to see the detail. 

It's amazing to watch the transformation of the place from being a rodeo arena one moment then a concert arena next.  Modern technology.  High tech rodeo. 

One last eyes.

I got glasses in 3rd grade, contacts in 7th grade and Lasik eye surgery at the age of 41.  I was legally blind without correction and the Lasik surgery was the best thing I ever spent money on.  I have loved being contacts or glasses free for the last 12 years.  But recently I have been squinting to see detail and my night vision is worse.  I have an appointment with an opthamologist on Monday (whoo hoo!  Spring Break outing!). My eyes are dry and my vision clears up as soon as I put drops in.........but the second the drops are dissolved....which only takes vision is about 20/40.  Not so bad....but not so clear either.  If I'm going somewhere at night and I need to see the name of a street in a neighborhood, I'm crawling up to the intersection like the little old lady who only takes her Cadillac out on Sunday mornings.

So last night I dream that I go to the eyeglasses place and spend hours picking out some frames.  As I go up and down the walls of frames, there is a little dog hanging around me.  I ask about him and they say I can have him because he just showed up there.

I leave without the dog because I know Chuck will be so mad if I come home with a dog.......then the place calls to tell me my glasses are ready and I'm so excited to pick them up! 

I get there and they are clear glass in the frames.  Yep.  I picked out the frames BEFORE I went to the eye doctor.  ha. 

That was one scary dream....because the dream continues and I had to tell Chuck that I got the frames before the prescription.  I just knew he wasn't going to I spent a good part of the dream scheming how I was going to tell him about this mix-up.  Oh, and how I was going to tell him about the lost dog that I ended up bringing home with the new frames.  How could I was still there....and was so happy to see me when I returned. is said that our dreams are made while filing away all of our conscious and subconscious thoughts.  True here.  I've been thinking alot about this eye doctor appointment and mourning the thought that I will be going back to glasses or contacts...and one of my co-workers lost her dog for 24 hours this week and we were all in pain for her.  An honest person found it and the dog was returned. 

My dream was a huge mix of all of this.  Sorry to bore you with it here...but I wanted to write this one down. 

It's also funny that I worried about Chuck getting mad.  That guy doesn't get mad.  But if there is anything that gets him a little would be spending money wastefully (my full time hobby ...wink) and too many animals in this house (hello?  Have you met our family pets?).

To all my good friends and co-workers in the area.......I hope you have a wonderful week off! Here's hoping the days are a good way. 


  1. Love that you can always make me laugh when I visit! :) Have a fun week off!

  2. Love the spit story. Plead the 5th and stick with it. He is wise beyond my years!