Saturday, August 21, 2010

Roman Shade

I, along with my assistant, Chuck, worked on the Roman Shade today.  It's now hanging and I thought I would treat the two of you who are dying to see it with a couple of pictures. 
 The rest of the windows will be treated over the next few weekends.

Here it is.

I'm going to tell you a secret.  We used that bonding stuff to put the new fabric over the existing Roman Shade and then I made the little valance.  I did sew the edges before we wrapped them around, so to a child under 15, it would look professional.  Two hundred staples later and it's finished.  Honestly, it would have been easier to start from know buying the Roman Shade kit, rings and string and pulleys....but halfway in, it seemed too late...and we had a shade with all that stuff already on it.

My assistant took a picture because.  I love how the silverware drawer is open.  Those curious forks are at it again.

Let's discuss the fabric.  Black, golden yellow, reds, greens, a little cream and GRAY.  The winning point.  Now it makes the gray cabinets BELONG. 

Is it the fabric of my dreams?  No. But it works. 

It's 7:00 p.m.  Chuck and I are headed out for a date.  Yes, I date my assistant.  He said if I cleaned up my potty mouth, we could be on HGTV together. Ha.  Like that's going to happen....the part about cleaning up my mouth.

I sometimes say a bad word or two when I cut myself with the scissors or poke the pins in my fingers or can't find the ruler or my assistant doesn't move fast enough.


  1. That fabric looks great against that brick too! Wish I had an assistant...

  2. did you mount it on top of the door? It looks like it. That or it's just to the top of the door? I have the same back door and never thought to treat that glass!

  3. Yvonne....

    The board is mounted at the very top of the door....maybe about a 1/2 to 1 inch down from the top. But the fabric layer makes it look even higher.

    We have afternoon sun and this keeps it from heating up the kitchen. But it stays at this level...we never pull it down.


  4. I love it. Maybe you could be on the Style Network....more of a premium upgrade you know. I also am intrigued by the swing I see out the door. You should get site meter...not everyone leaves a comment and you might be surprised how many visit you.