Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My oldest child, Jordan, turned 25 today.  I is that possible? 

I've said this before....being the oldest is like being the first pancake.  It's the one you practice on....then throw away.  By the second and third pancake...or child, you've perfected your skills.

I know Jordan didn't always have it as easy as she thinks her brother and sister did.  And I know we might have fought every battle with her when some of them could have been ignored.  But she was our first child and we were first time parents. There's no point now in second guessing all that we did....just know that she was loved and that she was the first.  On a wing and a prayer....we got her raised.

Jordan, I will tell you that you had a fully packed diaper bag at all times, with enough bottles to last a week even if we were only going out to eat.  By the time your baby brother....Number 3...came along, we would get half-way to the restaurant and realize we didn't even bring a diaper bag.  So sometimes you really did win. You never had to wear hand-me-downs.  And we paid way more attention to your school work than the others. Our brains weren't quite as fried when we had you.

Jordan has the stubbornness of both of her parents....and has to have the last, one of us.  But she also has a huge heart for her family and friends...and is so strong in her faith...something I so admire and wish to emulate.

She was an easy first baby and while not always perfect at home...she was certainly an "angel" during her school years.  Her teachers used to call her that...and I would hesitate and make sure they knew that I was Jordan's mother.  You know, in case they had me mixed up with someone else.  But no, they were talking about her.

This past year was a true reflection of the wonderful young woman she's become.
  She met and married a great guy,
 planned a beautiful wedding,
 got off our payroll 
 and we can officially say,
she's all grown up.

We're not throwing this first pancake away.  She turned out just fine. 


  1. 1. Don't leave the best part out of that little diaper bag story, Mama.. By the time you got to our little brother, number 3, (meaning you had a few years to deal with myself), not only did you forget the diaper bag when you went out to eat. You left the CHILD at home on accident too.

    2. That's an awesome baby picture of her. There's so many like's like her signature baby expression..

    3. I'm glad we convinced her to get the veil. I still love completes the look.

  2. Happy birthday to Jordan! My first pancake just got married, too. Isn't it amazing!!!!!

  3. So sweet! Happy Birthday, Jordan!

  4. Grown up and beautiful! You did good mama!!


  5. Good thing the statute of limitations has run out on Cameron's 1. revelation. HOME ALONE? Truly, for a first child, wow! And wow anyway. I know you and Chuck did a great job but I guess we have to give Jordan herself a little credit and God for making her who she is-a real blessing just like your other two. Happy birthday, Jordan, Julia, and Chuck!