Friday, August 27, 2010

God Must Have Had Some Time on His Hands

I stopped at Target last night to pick up some toiletries.  While on the aisle with facial cleansers, I was standing next to a couple of girls....probably sisters....who looked to be about 16 and 11ish.  The oldest one was searching for some pad refills for a battery operated facial cleanser.  They went up and down the aisle...but kept coming back to the spot next to me. 

Older girl:  Dang, I guess they're all out of refill pads.

Younger girl:  Well, Ashley....I guess God just didn't want you to have pads today.

Then the older girl looked at me, over the younger girl's head, and we shared a smile because she knew I had heard that.

I would love to think our God is so big, our God is so grand, that he can prevent Ashley from finding her refill pads. 

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