Friday, August 20, 2010

Plain Vanilla

A few people have been wondering about my kitchen.  I hesitate to post any pictures on here until it is complete because I don't want you to see it before it's all done.  Like trying on the prom dress without the shoes and jewelry.  But I am trusting that you won't judge it yet. 

The wallpaper has been covered over 4 times.  Four.  Times.  There is no turning back now.

  1. Oil based Kilz.
  2. Textured with drywall compound.
  3. First coat of paint.
  4. Second coat of paint.
Let me say at this point that I have very tall ceilings in my kitchen.  So take the 4 COATS x 18,000 trips up and down the ladder while breathing in all kinds of fumes = DONE AND NEVER DOING IT AGAIN.

I have found some great fabric which is going to tie it all together...or not...and plan on starting on sewing the window treatments this weekend. 

I miss my crazy, busy, colorful wallpaper.  But the calmness of a textured wall painted Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whitewash is growing on me.  I could never go all white and neutral because I have way too many accessories that I can't part with...that happen to be very colorful.  But for me this is pretty white and neutral. 



Here goes.


But first.



And now.....plain vanilla.

Cute new dog bed....moving it around to find the perfect place.

And because this blog is mine and I sometimes need to document what's happened around here.....I need to write about something that really hurt.  Physically and emotionally.  My favorite dog of all times....
and there have been many, many dogs in my life....hurt me the other day.

When I got home from being gone all day, Maggie greeted me at the back door as always.  As always, she jumped for joy over and over because I was home.  She followed me to the bedroom and the bathroom (I'm just going to go here...she sits by me while I take care of business) and then followed me back in to the study where I sat down at the computer. She laid by my feet as she always does, but Dixie, the other dog, was already under the desk.  Immediately they began to fight.......growling and biting one another......jaws clamping down on each other.  

This happens occasionally and it usually plays out rather quickly, but suddenly I got bit!  Maggie chomped down on my foot for just a split second and I screamed.....they stopped....and Will came running down the stairs.  

YoW.  It really hurts to get bit by a dog.  

I know she was trying to bite Dixie.  And I know they were fighting over me.  I know my foot just happened to be in the way. And I know she's had her Rabies shot.  And I know she didn't mean to, but hurt and it all happened so fast.  

Lots of Neosporin and Bandaids later...I'm going to make it.
Just thought you should know.

After the window treatments are finished I'll post more pictures.  But that could take a month. 
School begins Monday and I plan on it kicking my behind.
I will be in bed by 4:45 on Monday afternoon and probably sleeping in my clothes.
Somebody better set the alarm for Tuesday.




  1. Miss Julia-
    On your kitchen...I think it looks great. It is really what the grey cabinets wanted. I can't wait to see it after the curtains are done.

    On your dog bite...I'm so sorry that happened to you. I imagine it was a bit scary. I hope you heal quickly. On the bright side we got to see another picture of your foot! My delight cannot be understated!

  2. I do love the white walls best. Really. I do! And I'm sorry about the dog bite. Sounds like you'll live. Silly dogs! Glad you shared...I've been wondering about the walls.