Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day Trip

Will moved back to Nacogdoches on Thursday for his sophomore year at Stephen F. Austin State University.  He took just the bare essentials and Chuck and I took the rest up to him today.  We left the house at 9:15 and got home at 9:30.....12 hours later.  Chuck loved being trapped in a car with me for the best part of the day.  Almost as much as I loved being stuck with him. 

Last year, I was already back at school/work when Will moved in to his first dorm, so Chuck is the lucky parent that got to help him move in.  It was nice to help today and see where his home away from home is.  Let me take you on a little tour of his dorm room. And I do mean little. It's as clean as it will ever be.  And the sheets are fresh and clean....and won't see a washing machine for a year. 

The Dressing Area/Vanity.

The Kitchen Pantry.

His half of the room/bed....
one of the dressers being his.

His Kelly.

His study.

The essentials.....dvd's, refrigerator and microwave.
And Febreeze.

The sign on the back of the door
about his roommate....
a list of How NOT
to be like the guy....

Oh, yes.....I saw these.  But how nice of them to hide them.  Such gentlemen.

And within a one mile range of his dorm......

Shipleys and Smoothie King and Quizno's


KFC, Dairy Queen, Cotton Patch

Whataburger, Pizza Hut, Subway, Sonic, Burger King

Dear Will,

I had the most wonderful summer with you.  You worked hard at your job as a Day Camp counselor at the Y.  And because you would come home each day completely drained from the kids and the heat, you hung around the house more than normal.  Yea for me! 

I loved listening to your work stories and hearing the maturity in your reactions and responses to the kids.  You loved your job and you were committed to those kids.  You will never know how proud this made me.  I know you were growing up right before my eyes.

I hope you have a wonderful sophomore year and meet more new friends and enjoy your classes.  I know you are so ready to get in to the classes of your major and you're getting closer.  Hang in there and just enjoy the process of learning.  Set your goals high and do everything to achieve them.

Call home........on I can see your sweet face and hear your voice.  Try to eat vegetables and fruit when you can.  Stay away from Fast Food Row some.......but who am I kidding?  It's not like the campus cafeteria is that much healthier.  Just do your best to eat healthy. 

If it feels wrong to do, it probably is.  There's always a point when you can turn around and walk away.

I love you.........and thank God for the joy you have brought me.  Except that one time, when you jumped out of that moving car. 


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  1. Will has more fast food choices in that one area than I do in all of Charlottesville.