Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Way to Use a Trifle Dish....

A few minutes ago, I was sitting calmly at the computer.....checking emails and reading headlines. I got up to do a few chores and decided to do a little dusting in here...the study. We keep a large basket near the desk to throw receipts into. I picked up the basket and decided I would switch it out with a smaller basket.
Because that's how I dust.

I put my hand in the basket and pulled out all the receipts accumulated since January...quite a few already. I looked down at the floor to make sure no receipts had fallen behind the basket and that's when I saw it.

Me: WILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

Will: WHAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTTTTTTTTTt?


(he comes flying down the stairs......sock he basically slides down the last few steps...bomp,bomp,bomp.....comes sliding in around the corner)

Will: (calmly says) Looks poisonous. I'll get it later.

Me: Forget it! I'll deal with it now. Later it might be gone
and then I'll think it's crawled to my bed.

Side note here: My first reaction is to yell for somebody...if I know someone else is here. But honestly, I will be the one handling any and all things gross. Chuck gags and my kids try to save every living creature.

So I head to the kitchen and grab my Trifle Dish and turned it upside down.
Will came back in on his way out the door and got it covered.

The snake.

The cat.

This is THE snake.

This is THE cat.

This is THE snake that's under the glass.

This is THE cat that brought in THE snake

that's under the glass of a Trifle Dish.

And I cannot even begin to describe how hard it is to type this post with my legs up around my shoulders. I keep looking over at the snake to see if it's slithered out from under the glass yet.
Gotta go....I'm creeped out. I KNOW it's just a baby....but there's a mama near here somewhere.

Anybody out there know what kind of snake this is?

Post Script: In case it wasn't clear....the cute cat brought the snake in. The cute cat brings in all sorts of insects, mice and snakes. This has been the largest one so far....and okay, it wasn't an adult snake, but it was the largest one so in they're getting bigger. And any snake is a HUGE snake. I called Cameron (the cat's mama), she looked the type of snake up and decided it was a Checkered Garter Snake....non-venomous. She came over and saved it....what I'd tell you. She picked it up with her hands (not sure she's really related to me) and took it back out to the yard. Moral to this story: Walk with your eyes on the ground.


  1. OMG this is to funny! Has someone come to get it yet? If it isn't poisonious it might make a good pet for your empty nest.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I found a tiny little garden snake in my living room on Saturday.
    I'm still planning on a Portland Drive reunion but the planning will not begin until school is out. Let me know what weekend dates are good for you. Denise

  3. I would have freaked. I'm over here laughing but if that was my house I'd be crying!

  4. I am never ever ever coming over to your house, ever. Do you live in the country? That thing is HUGE!

  5. I remember how we used to have to scan the yard when we lived in Richmond (burgs of Houston) when the boys were little before they could play out 'cause we had woods behind us. We found many snakes, many sizes, many varieties. But this is too much. You live in town. I know you live in a beautiful, lush neighborhood but come on!!!! I'd say cleaning is out and a housekeeper is in. This one is going to give me nightmares. Glad you love that cat 'cause, I don't know...

  6. Myfartwas when Will said he'd get it later-as if!!!!!