Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How many pounds?

In preparation for Mother's Day, the kindergarteners are busy making gifts and cards and being interviewed about their mom. That's a part of my job that I love. I get to call these babies over one by one and ask them a few questions and watch their eyes and mannerisms as they come up with the answers.

The Mother Questionaire consist of questions like "My mother's name is........." "Her favorite food is......" "She smiles when........." Of course there's the "My mother weighs ______pounds and is _____tall."

According to 5 and 6 year olds, most moms weigh about 20 pounds and are 38 inches tall. Sound about right?

After interviewing several in a row, this little girl's response struck me as funny:

Me: Okay, the next question is....My mother weighs _____pounds. So how many pounds do you think your mother weighs?

Her: hmmmm.....let me think...... I know she's been on a diet........ so I'm going to say......... hummmmmm........ let's say 30 pounds.

And you wouldn't believe how many mother's like chicken nuggets for their favorite food.

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  1. Who made up these sadistic questions? How much does she weigh? Happy Mother's Day! I guess it is good if you're getting a lot of 30's and 40's...