Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Win - Win Situation

Chuck is repairing a hole in our bathroom ceiling. A hole that was made by a plumber months ago when we had to call him out to fix a leak. The hole repair has been on the "to-do" list for awhile now and last weekend Chuck got right to it. I might have yelled right before he got right to it.......

So we have a ladder in our bathroom as the repair is still in progress. Apparently this repair takes several weekends. In the meantime, I am having to work around this ladder while getting showered and dressed every day.

Then Friday night, Cameron dropped her cat off on her way to spend Spring Break in Padre Island. I decided the best place to keep Oliver would be in our Oliver comes with his own food and water and toys and litter box. He immediately found the new cat toy. The ladder. So it's a win-win for Oliver and Chuck. The ladder was getting on my nerves but now it's serving a real purpose in there. It's making my grandkit happy. And Chuck gets a free week of keeping the ladder in there without me fussing about it.
Just hanging out on the ladder......

Posing for me........


  1. What a total cutie! I hate when projects like that seem to have no end. Most every project taken on by an adult that isn't me in my house seems to go that way.

  2. ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!! This is priceless!!!!! Even had to call mom and tell her to be sure and read your blog today!!!! She will so appreciate others who have ladders in random places in their houses and GRANDKITS!!!!!!

  3. You are soooooo stinking funny. I'm so glad I've known you 45? years so I have your voice and sarcasm to read your blog to me aloud in my head. You so need your own show, Roseanne. ROTFL? Typo for Rotel? I'm saying what words I plugged in but I feel way behind all of a sudden...I think I'll sign up for Twitter...