Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rabbit Hole

Before I leave town, I wanted to do a post about my nephew's play that we saw on Saturday night. It's called Rabbit Hole and it's playing at Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston, Texas, through March 22. I'm not much for plays, as I've said before, but this one was very good and I sat very still. Our seats weren't together so I sat between 2 strangers who were both sitting very, very still. That helped.

The playwright is David Lindsay-Abaire, whom I'm told is the lyric writer for some of the songs in the Shrek movies (for some reason that really impressed me.....). The subject matter of this play is very sad but the play itself is humorous. It takes place about 8 months after a couples' 4 year old son chases his dog across the street........and the worst happens. The driver of the car that hits him is played by my nephew. The family consists of the couple, and the mother and sister of the wife. There is alot of dysfunction going on as well as grieving in all it's many stages and the dialogue is very well written........just as if your family had said it.....or screamed it.

My nephew, Mark Ivy, is very talented. Very. I see that he is at the threshold of what is sure to be a successful career in theater. He certainly can portray an array of emotions and in a very real way. I've watched this boy grow up and I think he just might be somebody famous one day. You know, famous outside of our family. I just want him to be happy. And I think that when he's about to go on the stage, is on the stage, and just after he comes off the stage........he is.


  1. Your post made us cry ... very sweet and true. I am so glad you, Chuck, and Will saw the play ... I know Mark was too. (I also read the list of restaurants you will be visiting ... wish I was going to be dining with you! Have fun!)

  2. Oh I want to see it. Wow, I'm sure it was intense but it sounds great with the comedic relief. Can't wait to meet you and Catha in NYC for his first play there!