Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mr. CyWoods

Will was a contestant in the Mr. CyWoods contest this past week. It is basically a spoof on beauty pagents with all the boys competing in swimsuit, talent and formal attire categories.
The event was a major fund raiser for
WRAP ....Wilcats Right After Prom......the all night, lock-in party after the prom.

When Will asked me to sign the permission form allowing him to participate, I was shocked. While I know he is alot louder and crazy around his friends, I couldn't believe he would have the nerve to get up on stage and do all that would be required.
He worked hard on the talent part for 2 weeks and it showed.

I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't be more proud of him. He and 2 of his friend-girls did a step dance and I saw a completely different side of my quiet son. Really. His backside. At several points in the dance, Will turned his backside to the audience and shook it like a tilted washing machine in the rinse cycle. Beyonce would be proud.

He was one of 34 contestants and although he didn't place in the top 5.....
he was awarded the Most Photogenic....and given a gift certificate for a professional photo session. Now that it's over, perhaps he will get back to his homework.
He has a severe case of senioritis....

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