Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phoenix, AZ

......and the surrounding area.....

The second day of our trip to Phoenix, Jordan and Will climbed halfway up Camelback Mountain. Jordan's made it all the way to the top before. She says it's worth the climb because of the view once you get to the top. I'll take her word for it.

I think the view from "halfway" is great.

I stayed home and watched tv with a second cup of coffee.

After their hike, we went to a cute place for lunch where there was all sorts of salads and sandwiches......and sushi. Will got the sushi and ate with chopsticks.

He's mature enough to eat sushi but immature enough to play with his food....or trash....

Will's trash.

After lunch, we shopped for awhile, then Jordan and I got pedicures while Will sat in one of the empty massage chairs and played with the massage options. We ate dinner at Pier 54...yep, there's a lake in the desert....we enjoyed watching the sun set.

Will plays with things and then takes pictures of them. I have to admit, it's fun to see these pictures later....

My wine, the lake and the evening sky...taken by Will.

The third day in Phoenix, we went for brunch at Morning Glory Cafe, located on a farm. There are other restaurants located on this farm, but this one was recommended for it's fabulous breakfasts. Everything is grown organically right there......vegetation and animals. But I feel sure the bacon on my plate didn't come from the previous relatives of the cute pigs we later saw.

Don't think about it, don't think about it.

If you click on the image of the menu, you can read all about the farm and how it got its start. It was very quaint and "mother earth" and eating outside near the gardens while the hens clucked was extremely relaxing.

Jordan took this photo on the farm. Imagine being outside in 72' weather with cuteness like this.

After breakfast, we walked around the place and came across the Wishing Tree.....

The pockets are for your wishes......

So Will made a wish and put it in a pocket.

I would like to tell you that Will's wish was for peace and for the farm to stay here for generations to come.....

But really, he wishes to marry Kelly Clarkson. The odds of that and world peace are probably about the same. But a boy can wish.

Some other very well dressed trees.....

The rest of the day was spent shopping and going to a matinee. We saw Gran Torino. Jordan and I had already seen it and LOVED it. But Will hadn't, so we saw it again so he could see how great it was. The minute the movie was over, he stood up and said, "I didn't like it."


So there is proof that what floats my boat may not float yours.

Since this was day 3 of our trip, some of us were a little grouchy.

And by some of us, I mean all of us.

Sayings don't just make themselves up.....they are based on truth......so as the saying goes...

Fish, like company, goes bad by the third day.

This saying has been proven many, many times when we have visited the inlaws for more than 3 days. Day 1 is always wonderful. Day 2 is still somewhat of a "honeymoon" phase. But by the end of the third day, you will most likely be just plain sick and tired of one another. And I most certainly will be constipated.

But we went to bed early and woke up happy on Saturday

with the promise to treat each other nicely.

Next post.....Sedona, AZ. A little slice of heaven on earth.


  1. Oh Will, honey, I want you to marry Kelly Clarkson too. It can't be that hard to get over to Katy? to meet her. I think you should totally send her the YouTube dance and I bet she'll be riding her pony over to Cypress!

  2. Is there an area of decorating that we've overlooked all these years? How could it be that we hadn't thought to decorate our trees? I'm embarrassed that I'm so behind.

    The pic of you and Will is beautiful. You never ceases to entertain me with photos of y'all, what a beautiful family and strangely intact! And, again, a thousand times I say, you are so funny..."don't think about it, dont' think about it"!