Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wedding Weekend

We spent the weekend in San Antonio and attended the wedding of Jordan's best friend and college roommate. Jordan was a bridesmaid in Brittany and Jon Yeager's wedding so she flew in from Phoenix and there was no way we were missing this one. All 5 members of our family were dressed up and in the same room so we are actually all in one photo.

This was an AGGIE wedding so, of course, all the Aggies in the room gathered to sing The Aggie War Hymn. Awwwww.....WHOOP!!!

I am not posting too many of the bride and groom because somehow it seems wrong.....since they are on their honeymoon and haven't seen any pictures yet. But let me just say the bride was beautiful and the groom looked at her as if she was the only one in the room.

We spent Sunday in Gruene, of my favorite places in Texas. But I think I will never go there again in August. Too dang hot. We ate at the Gristmill and shopped the antique stores, dipped our toes in the Guadalupe River and wished we were tubing. We dropped Jordan off at the San Antonio airport and headed back to Cypress.


  1. The Hackney family looked handsome and happy at the wedding! Looks like and sounds like everyone had fun!

  2. Your family is so beautiful and amazing; truly inspirational. Intact, which is unusual these days, but also seemingly functional, really functional. Quick, call Oprah, we found an intact, functional family!!!! Film at 11!!!!! I'm so proud of you and your family. BTW, I have a great Silver Bella 07 story regarding Aggie weddings I'll have to share with you...very funny.

  3. Gig 'em Aggies! Hey Julia, I've hopped over from Stephanie's blog to leave a comment! I'll leave a couple; firstly, your daughter Jordan and you look like twins, secondly, I'm looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella 2008! If you're anything like your dear friend Stephanie, you've got to be a hoot and a holler!

    Julie B. from Roswell, NM

  4. Sweet family! Aren't weddings fun?'re going to Silver Bella???? See you there!!!
    Everyday Cookies

  5. What a beautiful wedding dress! It's great to have the whole family together - dressed up and in one place at the same time. It seems so hard to do anymore.
    (BTW, came your way through Doojies, so happy for the two of you that there will be a reunion at Bella.)