Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got your number now.....

Some of the many blogs I read have counters on them, usually at the bottom. I find myself reading the number and end up wondering about my own blog. Today, I saw a "free counter" so I added it to my site. It asked me what number I wanted to start with. Really? I could put any number? Like 1,000,000 people have read my blog?

But I put 101. No reason really. I just figured I had been blogging at least once or twice a week since early surely that's about 101. Give or take a blog or two.

I want to thank my loyal readers.....Jordan and her cat. And Jordan if you want to hit my site a few hundred times a day just to watch the counter go up, that'd be great.

On another officially started on Monday. It's crazy.......controlled chaos. We have a really mature group of kindergarteners so far this year. By mature, I mean they know how to open up the things in their lunchbox. And they know how to line up. But they're not real sure of alot of other things so it's not totally smooth yet. Each day has been an improvement over the previous day.

But TGIF. And TGIATDW. (Thank goodness, it's a three day weekend!)


  1. well obviously 8 people hit up your blog before i did, so you do have other loyal readers out there. adding the counter makes me wonder who my loyal readers are, because it's gone up... unless you read my blog 10 times a day.

    and i think me and my cat count as one.. he can't read yet.

  2. i want a three day weekend.