Friday, August 8, 2008

I dare you not to be touched by this....

I first heard of Steven Curtis Chapman years long ago that my children and I still listened to the same music...whatever I played on the car radio/cd. I bought his Christmas cd and we all knew every word to every song. Even though SCC has gone on to make much more music and become much better known, it is this Christmas cd that remains my favorite.

Steven and his wife, Mary Beth, have 3 biological children and 3 adopted Chinese orphans. In May, their youngest daughter Maria was tragically and accidentally killed by the suburban driven by her teenage brother on their family farm.

I heard this news on the radio the morning after it happened and I was so saddened by the news. The sadness of it stayed with me for days. I ached for the Chapman family, for Steven, for Will, the teenage son. I remember thinking how will Steven, one of God's greatest messengers, keep his faith through this? How will he get up on stage and sing of God's love in the shadow of these darkened days? And the teenage in the world will he forgive himself even though he was completely blameless? Apparently Maria was running towards the car in her excitement to see her brother and he did not see her coming. She ran too fast or didn't stop soon enough.

Well, the Chapman family has been interviewed twice in the last couple of days....and while their faith has been through an earthquake....there appears to be some life left in the rubble. Go here and click on the sites for the Good Morning America and The Larry King Live interviews. Watching this family is more of a testimonial to God's powerful love than a thousand Sundays of sermons. At least for me. I dare you not to be touched by this family.


  1. I remember this story when the teenager was on Dr. Phil. So sad and tragic. It seemed like Dr. Phil did a good job helping him start working through the anger he had over how unfair life could seem. I never heard any follow up until now. Thanks for putting this on. It also reminds me of the teen who accidentally killed his sister and her friends while racing on a highway in Texas and is now in jail. The parents lost both of their children that fateful night. It also helps with the perspective factor and to remember that, "This too shall pass.". I love you, Stephanie

  2. i just heard on the radio this morning that he changed the lyrics to his newest single "yours" to reflect some things about his daughter. it isn't on the cd but you can hear it on and at his website. he's a solid rock who i am sure questioned God through this but he never lost his faith. that is a testament to our Jesus.

  3. I was saddened greatly, as you were, when I heard this tragic news. My prayer is the family can be comforted by all their friends, family as well as those of us who love his music.