Saturday, August 23, 2008

Murphy's Law....Hackney Edition

Murphy's Law - If something can go wrong, it will.

Hackney Edition - Several things will go wrong at the same time.

This week was delivered to us courtesy of the Devil himself. I don't usually think about this guy....but I do believe in good and evil, and this week began to feel comically evil. I say comically, because noone was injured in the making of this week.....but it sure felt like an evil source was working overtime.

Here is the last week in a rotten nutshell:

  • Last Thursday My tooth began to ache. The tooth that had a root canal in June and a $1000 crown permantly glued on it in July. Hard to be in a good mood with a tooth ache.
  • Last Friday Will hydroplaned in the pouring down rain and rear-ended a car. Noone hurt but think thousands here in terms of car damage. We were in College Station when it happened so that added a little stress that we couldn't get to him when it happened.
  • Sunday Jordan has a small accident involving her car. She is very upset....VERY upset. Think anxiety upset. She is in we are dealing with this over the phone.

  • Monday Return to work. Summer over. Leave early to go to Endodontist for consultation on my tooth......he tells me I need another root canal and there is no guarantee the tooth can be saved. Think thousands here. Worried about my precious middle child....she is feeling stressed. Tooth hurting. Can't sleep all night.
  • Tuesday My kindergarten team loses 2 teachers because the student enrollment is way lower than the projections. Lots of teary eyes and margaritas.
  • Wednesday Wake up to a jillion ants in my kitchen and no water pressure. Water pressure problem is not really noticed until I am already in the shower and get just wet enough that I have to try to continue in the trickle. Ants attacked with some vinegar and have to be left to party until I can get back home that afternoon. Must be on time to work. Call my "rock" ask him (well, okay I yelled this part) to please kick in and help me out. I am back at work and can't make phone calls.
  • Thursday Leave work early to go back to Endodontist for scheduled Root Canal procedure....$1200. Beautiful, new $1000 crown chipped during the procedure. Doctor tells me he saw the problem. During the first root canal performed by my regular (probably ex ) dentist, a perforation was made in my tooth and the hole was filled...but it wasn't a canal. Saving the tooth not looking good. grrrrr This million dollar tooth is going to end up in the trash and then my bite will be off and my teeth will go crooked and Chuck will leave me for a straigth toothed young chick and surely this will lead to homelessness (I know, I am starting to think irrationally!)
  • Will's car damage estimate is not totaled but damage came in just under the worth of the car. Of course.

  • Friday Pulled away all day to work in all areas of the school but my own. My work doesn't get done. Feeling stressed. Tooth hurts. But loving that the week is OVER.

To celebrate the WEEK OVER, Chuck and I tried out a new restaurant and it was great! Then we swung by my friend/co-worker's house and I got to rock a baby to sleep. Awwww.....I will survive.

Lest anyone one who reads this think my life is fluff....I assure you I also walk the balance beam of life. I just choose to write about the fluff. However, this week was just worthy of a little post about the junk.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I do hope today was better for you. You had a horrible, very bad week. How is your tooth? Yes, I saw that we are on the same plane to Omaha! Whoop! Just think Silver Bella, Silver Bella, Silver Bella. I promise it will be all that!