Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good Day Bad Day

Chuck took the day off yesterday and we went to College Station to spend the day with Cameron. She has stayed in CS this summer for summer school so we haven't seen much of her.

She is in a 3 bedroom apartment and the 2 other roommates have moved out and the 2 new roommates won't move in until next weekend. She is living alone right now and would be loving it except the TV moved out, too. So the real reason she wanted us to come see her was to bring a TV. We gave up one of the many in this house. (Not bragging, just saying we have a dang tv in almost every room. It's a Chuck thing.)

After a trip to Walmart to buy a few items, rearranging her furniture, doing a little cleaning(although I will brag here and say her apartment was very clean....made me proud),we went to dinner. After dinner we drove out to the barn where she has a temporary job feeding baby deer.

It has been a good day.................

Then the cell phone rang. It's Will. He says, "Mama?" Then he goes silent while he is trying to hold back the tell me he has been in a wreck. A huge calm came over me (GOD) because I know if he is dialing my number and talking to me......he is basically okay. Apparently he was coming up to a car already stopped at a red light, it's raining very hard and when he applied his brakes the car hydroplaned. So BAM! happened. Everyone was okay but the cars were pretty banged up.

Will is okay but very shook up, as he should be.....the older couple he hit is okay but very aggravated, as they should be. Both parties are without their cars for awhile.

So good day turned bad.


  1. Whoa! Glad you son is okay....

    I popped in by way of Doojies...I love your blog--will be back often!!

  2. You had quite a day! I'm so glad Will is okay.