Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm humbled......

Uh, yea........that's says Excellent. I was awarded this by a fellow Houstonian, blogger, Aggie, and Silver Bella....Linda Jo's Obsessions. I found her through my childhood friend, Stephanie, who led me to blogland about 2 years ago. Both have sent me some traffic and if you happen to be reading this you should check them out. Thanks Linda for my first award....I'm humbled to be mentioned by you....much less awarded.

Now I would like to forward this award to a couple of new places I have been reading lately....

Fated Follies Studio and Bienvenue

The nicest part of accepting this award is I can stay in my pajamas and the papparazzi stayed away.


  1. thank you julia! you are so sweet. i'll blog about it the next time i make a post! thanks for sharing about bienvenue too, what a fun blog!

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you! It's so much fun to get an award. wish real life would give out when you do the dishes and laundry, ha! Well thanks again and I hope you stay safe. I too am in the danger zone of "The Cone".... Take care my frined~