Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I spent the last several months growing my hair out. Really, just not cutting it hair grows without your help. My hair was basically all one length and just at my shoulders. So it wasn't long to some people's standards but it was longer than I had had it in a couple of decades. The last month, I even had enough for a small pony tail. And for the first time in my adult life, I had no bangs. Yesterday, I cut it off.....and even got a few bangs.

I'm not even sure why I was growing it out, except it just seemed like something to do. But this morning when I blow-dried this shorter was sooo nice to be finished before I started sweating profusely. Amen.

Here are a few pictures but what you can't see is that it is very layered and choppy. My hairdresser Van used the thinning scissors and razors on it! Talk about living risky.

Front view....

Side view....

Back view...

And a blurry one.......which of course, is a poor girl's "air brushing." I'm not sure why I was on the phone here.....but obviously it was very important to get that picture right then! I would love to blame my brain activity on old age...but as anyone who has known me for a long time will attest to, I have always been like this.
Multi-tasking on high speed. Now known as ADHD.


  1. wow, you're looking a lot thinner! (i know i just moved up to #1 kid after that comment) :)

  2. Thinner or just taking the picture from new favorite trick!

    Or as you say...Getting under it!


  3. i believe that is my trick i taught you. the magical dissapearing double chin trick. hair looks good, color looks good, leave it untucked b/c it looks good that way.

  4. haha you called yourself ma..maaaaa..maaaaaaaa said the sheep to the cow.

  5. Not as cute as mine, of course, but looks great! You are so beautifu!