Monday, June 16, 2008

Black & White and Too Cute for Words

I met my friend, Karen Lee, for lunch in Old Town Spring on Friday. We ate at Wunsche's Cafe and enjoyed a little bit of vegetables with our bowl of butter. She never meets me without bearing gifts. She has yet to figure out that her long enduring friendship is the best gift she could give me. However, this gift was for my 50th birthday and it is black & white and probably one of the cutest things in my I am so appreciative and proud of it. It is a magnet board, but I am hanging it over the stovetop for now. It's made of metal and I think it will hold up to the steam (haha, like I cook!).Oh, my know you want one, too.

Thank you Karen for your friendship and your incredible generosity. I love you.


  1. I DO want one! And your kitchen looks beautiful, too. I love it. -Julia

  2. I have a brick backsplash in my kitchen, but not pretty like yours. It is painted an ugly beige color. The original color of the bricks were red, I know because we have a brick wall in our Family Room and I am sure they were the same when the house was built 30 years ago.

    I am enjoying your blog :)