Thursday, June 12, 2008

For M'Lopez

One of the kindergarten teachers I work with sent me a sweet email today...full of compliments about my hair, how I'm so hot!, my husband is adorable, blah, blah....she was just buttering me up so I would mention her on my blog. What she doesn't know is that I would gladly mention her without all the compliments. She really did say I was can read her exact words below in red! I AM hot......Chuck has the air set on 78' and I can't seem to get cool. Anyway...

M'Lopez joined our team around the 3rd or 4th week of school last year.....due to overcrowding we had to hire a 9th teacher. She was a wonderful asset to an already great team. I recognized her the day I saw her waiting in the receptionist's area for her interview. Her son, Andy and my son, Will are the same age and although we never ran in the same circles, I think we volunteered with each other a time or two. She's wise and witty and I wish I had known her better all these years. It's like I wasted alot of time not laughing with her.

Here's her on it to enlarge it, unless you have microvision.

And as soon as I figure out how much to charge her for being listed in my "happies"....I will put her name there and send her an invoice.

PS: M' really are one of my happies. I think I will list you and there will be no charge.

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