Sunday, June 29, 2008

The After

I do everything on full-speed ahead, so I have no before pictures of the girls' rooms before I tackled them. The first 3 weeks of June were spent getting the rooms cleaned out, furniture moved around, walls and ceilings painted and re-wallpapering the vanity areas. I would love to show you a "before" so you could fully appreciate the improvement. These rooms aren't really "WOW" in the decorating department but they are "OH MY GOsh!" in the improvement and cleaned up department. Plus, I now have a Craft Room which cleared up lots of space in the pantry and closets around the house. Click on the photos below to enlarge them.

Cameron was in the larger of the two rooms and her furniture was moved to the back smaller bedroom. So here is her new room and vanity.

Jordan's bedroom furniture went with her to Phoenix. So the front, larger room has become a craft room for me with a bed in it for Jordan for her visits home.

And the best part is, I have identified the things I use most if I need to send one of the idiots, I mean family members, up to get something for me, they should be able to find it quickly.


  1. Beautiful! I love what you came up with for the shorter window. You get it done while I think about a plan for days, weeks. I have actually found a pattern, though. KAT

  2. Beautiful, decoratively and usefully! I've missed so many befores and kicked myself so many times that finally more often than not I remember the befores. I love the afters here. And by the time you do some crafting in there, you'll have plenty of befores!