Friday, July 4, 2008

Sweet Freedom

Being born in the USA, in 1957, I have never known anything but freedom. And if you're reading this blog, chances are neither have you. So I'm not sure any of us really appreciate it as we should. Even the American soldiers that are fighting right now are far removed from my daily life. And the politicians that are slamming each other because they want to be our next president are far removed from my daily life.

But I do know deep in my heart, that the worst day in America is probably way better than the best day anywhere else. I've never known a life without freedom or lived under any other government besides a democratic one. So in this election year.....when the Republicans and the Democrats are mud-slinging and telling the public that their candidate is the only one to lead this country....and if the "other guy" wins, he will raise taxes or keep us in this war..." I will stay in my "village" and be thankful that I am an American.

Even though I am very UN- political, I do have the right to vote. And today I have the privelege of celebrating my freedom. Sweet freedom.

"Democracy's the worst form of government except for all the others."
-Winston Churchhill, Sir (1874-1965)-

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  1. Amen, Sister! Wow, how inspiring. And I love the Churchill quote, perfect.