Monday, May 23, 2011

Plan B as in Busy

We had a family reunion on Chuck's side of the family to attend this past weekend.  It's been on the calendar for several months.  We were to drive 600 miles to a small town in Eastern Mississippi on Friday....reunite with family on Saturday until about 3:00 pm, then get in the car and head home making it as far as possible on Saturday night. 

Chuck got sick on Thursday evening.  So trip cancelled.   I might have done a cartwheel or two in my head when he made the decision to cancel.  But he's the one that made the decision.

It's really a good thing that we didn't go because the weekend was packed with all the Plan B things on the calendar.  The end of the year staff party for my school was on Friday evening so I was able to attend that.  Then a graduation party was held for 2 beautiful girls graduating from high school.......that I taught in Mother's Day Out.  When they were 2.  And now they're graduating from high school. 

I forgot to take my camera to the Friday evening staff party...but remembered to take it to the graduation party.  However, my camera wouldn't take pictures...a message showed up that said my memory chip was locked.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out what that meant or what to do about it.  So I took one pitiful cell phone picture. 

Lindsey and Kendall
Now LSU Tigers!
Geaux Tigers!

Fuzzy cell phone picture of these 2 precious girls. 
LSU will be much prettier in the fall.

Sunday was spent painting some pieces of furniture for Cameron's new apartment....while she packed and packed and packed.  Twenty boxes later she's ready to move.

And this is after sorting and throwing away and giving away.
And this is going in to a 693 sq. foot apartment.

Cameron painted that black and white picture of her and Jordan
....from a photograph taken of them when they were about 4 1/2 and 2.

2 mismatched chairs I painted black for Cameron's kitchen table.
She may never cook or eat at her apartment, but she will have a table and 2 chairs.

Today, after picking up the keys to her new place, we went to Gallery Furniture to find a sofa.  For those not from around here...Gallery Furniture is famous for

"Buy It Today, We Deliver It Today!"

"Gallery Furniture SAVES YOU MONEY!"

If you're in the viewing area of Houston, you've heard this a million times.

When one needs a sofa, it's nice to get it that's where we shopped first. Thankfully, we were successful and the sofa was delivered this evening. This store...a Houston landmark... was destroyed by a fire a couple of years ago and has been rebuilt.  It's bigger and better and along with thousands of square feet of furniture, it has huge cages of exotic parrots.

And free cookies.

And monkeys. 

Yes, monkeys.  And if you make a purchase, you can have your picture taken with a monkey.
There are about 5 or 6 of them that live in a glass cage in the center of the store. 


Again with the fuzzy cell phone pictures.

Eating cheerios.

So after Cameron paid up, she had her picture taken and we got to play with one of the monkeys. 
We sat on the floor and this monkey started digging through my purse. 

That's my purse.  Sasha (the monkey) took out my makeup bag and unzipped it! Then started pulling out my eye drops, some eye shadow and some concealer. She put the eye drop bottle in her mouth and tried to open it with her teeth.  She knew to unscrew the top but she couldn't get it open. 
I guess I should probably throw that bottle away.

Cute monkey germs.

Here's Sasha with my eye makeup in her mouth.

I had a cut up apple in a baggie in my purse...Sasha found it, so I gave it to her.

Yum.  That's what she wanted.
She would take a bite, chew, chew, then spit out the apple peel.
All over the floor. 

It's worth a trip to Gallery Furniture
 just to see these cute things. 

Oh, and after our purchase they asked us if we would like a free lunch. Today's menu was fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and hot rolls. We passed on the offer because we were full from the free cookies we had already eaten.


A little story about Gallery Furniture.  The owner, Jim McIngvale, is referred to as "Mattress Mac"... he is a Houston Icon.....and his commercials run all the time. One time when Will was about 5 or 6, we were shopping in the store and "Mattress Mac" walked past us.

I said, "Look's Mattress Mac!

I thought Will might recognize him from the TV know because he watched a lot of TV...and those commercials were inescapable.

Will just looked at him and kept walking. 

A few minutes go by.

Then Will asks, "What kind of mama would name her kid Mattress?"


Tomorrow is officially the Moving Day.
Check out the view from Cameron's new place....

See the cars?  That's Target's parking lot.  I would be in big trouble.

After pictures soon.

Sorry about the fuzzy cell phone pictures. Chuck fixed my real camera but I didn't have it with me today. The problem?  On the memory chip, there is a small yellow tab that needed to be flipped to the other side. Who knew?

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  1. it IS in Houston. (I've been gone for a week...I'm very behind.) Love the picture she's incredible. She gets that from you, ya know. I did LOL over Will's mattress comment. Good to know about the memory chip....very informative blog.