Friday, May 20, 2011


When I was halfway through first grade, my father made the decision to quit his job as a chemist at Shell Oil Company in Midland, Texas, and go back to school to get his Masters and PhD at Texas A&M.  So my childhood was spent living in this college town and listening to my father play the Texas Aggie War Hymn on his trombone in our living room, listening to the football games on the radio and watching my father kiss my mother every time the Aggies scored.

I grew up as an Aggie because my father was an Aggie.  So it is with great pride that I can say my two daughters are Aggies.  I have seen the traditions instilled in them with my own eyes.  I have watched them fall in love with Texas A&M and the town of College Station. 

I have a few friends that are Texas Longhorns.  And while I personally don't hold that against them, I know that this post will make them somewhat cringe. ha. 

I admire anyone who goes to any college  because the reality is, all colleges are steeped in their own traditions and anybody that makes it through college and
receives a diploma deserves a standing ovation.
You have my admiration.

The years spent in college will impact a soul for the rest of their days.
It's a time of growing in to one's self....becoming independent.....trying to figure life out....trying to figure the future out.  It's a time of poor nutrition, over indulgences, sleepless days and nights.
I can't imagine anything more stressful than the week of finals.

I didn't finish college but rather than dwell on that regret, my goal as a mother has been to see my children finish college.  I have said many times, "I don't care if you get your degree in Basket Weaving....just go and finish."

Two down, one to go. 


Words of impact carved in granite.

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