Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cute Apartment and Monkey

I asked Cameron to send me a few pictures of her apartment and along with those pictures were a few more of Sasha, the monkey.

Cameron was almost all unpacked when we left there yesterday evening.  Just her closet (5 large boxes!) and a few accessories and various other stuff to store away.  The good news is it's all at her new place ~ and not here.  ha.

As you can see, her loft apartment is rather open but yet separated. She bought a dark wicker screen to use as a door when necessary. 

The kitchen is all unpacked and set up.  The only thing missing is food. 

Okay....I'm going to admit this on here.  I miss her already...and I haven't gone in to her room to take an AFTER picture.  I'll do that this weekend.  It might hit me that she's really all grown up and moved out when I see that empty room.

So for a "baby" fix, here's some more sweet monkey Sasha.

This is my makeup bag that she reached in my purse and grabbed.  It was zipped closed, she opened it immediately and started digging around in it.

I tried to distract her with my cell phone.  She messed with it a little then went back to my purse.

Eating the apple....and posing for a picture.


There's only 4 more days of school.  I haven't been thinking about the number of days because I am leaving the parking lot that day for the last a full time employee.  I honestly just want to sneak out on my own that afternoon....and act as if nothing is changing.

Today, at 3:00 pm when the kindergarteners are packed up and ready to pick a Free Center (Developmental Learning....blocks, art, kitchen, doll babies) one little boy asked his teacher if I was available for him to choose for Free Centers.

And she sent him to me and he asked, "Are you available today for me to come in here for Free Centers?"

And I responded, "Absolutely......what shall we do?"
He said, "You pick."

As I said, I am not giving the last day a lot of thought.
I am going to miss this part terribly.

I may have to go buy something at Gallery Furniture on a weekly basis so I can play with Sasha.

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  1. LOve Cameron's apartment. This is in Houston, right? Sasha is adorable. My husband loves to go to Gallery Furniture. I will be thinking of you these next few days..... what a blessing you have been in those children's lives. Maybe you can be rehired soon? I'm hoping for that.