Sunday, May 29, 2011

After the Move Out

I finally got back up to Cameron's room and set up the full bed that has been "the college bed" for the girls. It may just live in here until August when Will moves back to Stephen F. Austin as he is moving in to an apartment and will need a bed. But for now it's out of the gameroom and made up. So I took a few after pictures as promised.





And a few more "after".....


This is a picture of my sweet daddy placed in a vase of button flowers sitting next to Cameron's baby shoes.  These are the shoes she had on in her one year old portrait. 

The vase with button flowers was a gift I gave to  Lora Joy, neighbor and good friend of Chuck's family, one year for Christmas.  Right after she died, the daughter gave it back to me....saying she thought I should have it.  Some things I miss Daddy, my one year old Cameron and sweet Lora Joy.

You Silver Bella girls may recognize a couple of the things on here....a sachet from a Swap and a project made in a class in the green frame.  The family in the photo on the left, is Chuck's great grandparents with 2 of their 9 children.  I think Chuck looks so much like this man through the brow and eyes...and this is Chuck's nose for sure.  I spent the first few years of our marriage trying to identify where his nose came from.

Stored American Girl magazines and children's books waiting for some grandchildren. 
 Yes, that's a hint.

Cameron brought me two magnets from her trip that reminded her of me.

Humor is big in this I find the magnets funny....but I do want the world to know I did cook many, many meals for my kids.  Too bad they were too young to remember...ha. 

Our refrigerator and pantry are pretty empty these days with just me and Chuck around.  Everytime the kids come home, I just hand them cash and
ask them to go fill it up with what they want to eat.

And this one? 

I'm not going to lie....I can remember those hectic days of babies and toddlers and preschoolers and kindergartners.....chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese and diapers and bottles.  Cooking and cleaning up the kitchen only to realize it was time to do it all again for the next meal.

Little sleep and lots and lots of needs to meet for others before my own.

Maybe I did wake up every morning thinking about how good my gown and a glass of wine were going to feel when I got through the day.

But I got through the day first.

I really did.

Taken from my back porch.

For some reason, looking at this makes me want to cry.

Because it's so beautiful.

Because I want to see a message in it.

Or maybe it's that my second child is on her own and out of the house.

Or that by the end of the week, I don't work with my good friends anymore.

Or that I had 3 pieces of banana bread for breakfast and I am having a little sugar low.


  1. Wow, you are having a really difficult May. Don't you hate it when everything happens at once. I LOVE the magnets! I promise you will be happy and content one of these days, LOL.

  2. P.S. The cloud photo is beautiful. Think of a saying or verse you think is appropriate for right now and type it on the image and print it out. It will be something to go on a dresser, maybe with the shoes?

  3. I get "the kids are out of the house and making you sad"...I also get the "I dont work with my good friends anymore".... I wish I had words of wisdom...I just have "the best is yet to come" your fork... P.S. I have a bookshelf full of picture books too :)