Saturday, May 21, 2011

Move Out Week

Cameron's home from her week long adventure before heading in to Grown Up Land.  She had a fun trip but admitted she got a little homesick towards the end.  I suspect she was more Blakesick or her-own-bedsick....

This is Move Out Week for Cameron.

In the last 8 days, Cameron has moved out of her duplex in College Station, graduated, celebrated, rode in an airplane, train and car to Chicago then Seattle and back to Houston and dumped all her stuff in her bedroom. 

So today she begins the process of sorting piles....Keep, Throw Away, Give Away. Yes, I watch a lot of those shows on HGTV.  I know the drill.  Let's see if she does. 
While fixing her coffee, I was standing by her giving her advice about going through it all...and a timeline that will get us to 8:30 am on Tuesday morning when the movers get here. 

Basically, telling her to leave her room empty with the exception of 2 large tubs I purchased for her keepsake stuff.  Knowing there is already several boxes in the attic full of childhood keepsakes.

She fake cries, "waaaaaaaaaaaaa,  I don't have a home anymore."
To which I say and she posted on facebook.....

Said to me as I'm about to start packing to move out:
"You will always have a home here, but your sh*t can't stay here."

I did say that but as I read her post on fb it sounded a little harsh.  Hear me out. 

Actually, take a walk with me.......through these before pictures.  I think you will see what "sh*t" I'm talking about.

That's a Dan Fogelberg coffee mug that Cameron gave me for Christmas.  She's a great gift giver.  I carried that cup to work one day and one of the teachers caught a glimpse of it.
 She asked me why I had a cup with Jesus on it.  ha. 

While Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, Dan Fogelberg is a very close second. wink wink

Wonder if that Twilight poster is going to the Grown Up apartment.

Wait.....what the heck is that?

Uh, Throw Away.

Keep Calm. 

Keep Calm.

Keep Calm.

Dixie:  Is there a chance somebody
 will have time to throw my ball today?

Dining room is now Move Central.

Consider this the Before Post. 
Wait for the After Post.
It may take days....weeks. 
But it's happening.

A little plug for Lowe's.....their boxes are $1.37 each. 

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  1. Julia! That room! I am SO happy to know that Maddie is not the only one who can live in chaos like that. It makes me crazy. I look forward to the day I can turn her room into a guest room and I don't have to look at that ever again.