Saturday, January 1, 2011

Movie Madness

Chuck and I have gone to 4 movies....  
in the last 2 weeks!

We rarely go to the movies but, over this Christmas holiday break, we made it to
four.  I think I 've had my quota of popcorn for the entire year.

I will place these movies in order of my favorite to least favorite.  Although "least favorite" was still good....just in grand company it was taken down a few notches. I recommend you go see these in this order. 

1.    The King's Speech    A+

This movie had wonderful acting, cinematography and drama mixed with humor.  Based on truth, this historical film is a must see.  Geoffrey Rush steals the show.  I wasn't ready for it to end.  I soaked up the scenery and the dialogue.  I predict this will be a big winner at the award shows.

2.  The Fighter   A

Apparently Mark Wahlberg trained for two years for this part of the younger brother over shadowed by his older brother in this film about boxing.   It's way more about the dysfunctional characters than inside the ring.  It's a great film with seedy characters.  Surely some awards will go this way.

3.   True Grit      B

It's a remake.  It's a Western.  It was good.......maybe I was tired.....but it got a little long in the middle.  The young actress got on my nerves but I can't say she wasn't good, because she was.  I think it was that she was 14 going on 35.  Jeff Bridges did a wonderful job with the character of Rooster.  Not Matt Damon's best.  But who doesn't like Matt?

I should tell you this one was Chuck's favorite.  He gave it an A.

4.   The Little Fockers   C

I love Ben Stiller...but the movie was so predictable it was almost irritating. Still, funny.  And of course, lots of slapstick comedy thrown in.  Ben Stiller is adorable as the nurse/husband who gets treated badly by his little girl and his father-in-law.  Rent it.  Pop your own popcorn.

It was a treat to go to the movies.  Maybe we'll get back in the habit.  Some movies are just meant to be seen on the big screen, like The King's Speech.  Some, like The Little Fockers, can wait to be seen on the t.v. in your living room with all the distractions.


  1. Those are my 4 to see in the next few days. I've only seen your #3....and I loved it. And..I LOVED the girl!! ha! Saw it last night!

  2. "The King's Speech" for sure! ALL of my FAVORITE actors! But I probably won't see it until I rent it. :( I've heard it's getting a lot of nominations.

  3. Saw Little Fockers and it was cute. I will definitely see The King's Speech, based on your recommendation and it looked good to me. Justin said I would like True Grit, partly because some of it was filmed in the town where their grandfather grew up-Granger, TX. We saw The Tourist and loved it. Okay, I know, I could spend endless hours just staring at JD but I also think Angie is skanky (duh, the guys could spend endless hours staring at her), but this was a great movie. Interesting twists and very exciting. Thanks for the tips. The Tourist could be a renter, I love going to the movies though. But only enough to go for movies I can't wait to see or need, visually, to be seen on the big screen. I know The King's Speech is a theater movie now. Thanks!!!