Wednesday, January 12, 2011


BCS?  I had no idea what that stood for until this past week.  It stands for Bowl Championship Series for college football.  My daughter, Jordan, the event planner, works for the organization that puts on The Insight Bowl and TheTostitos Fiesta Bowl....and this year the BCS Arizona.

A perk of the job is getting a few tickets for family members.  I think it goes without saying that I passed on the opportunity.  I would have loved to go to Phoenix to see Jordan.....but I wouldn't have seen much of her and there was that football thing that I would have had to go to.  So Chuck, Cameron and my brother-in-law and nephew went with huge grins on their faces. 

I asked Chuck to take lots of pictures so I could "be there" without being there.  So courtesy of Chuck, I have a few pictures to post of their big weekend.  They arrived on Saturday, but the game wasn't until Monday.  So Sunday they drove up to Sedona and took a Pink Jeep Tour through the red rock mountains. 
Our son-in-law, Chris got to spend the day with them. 

We've been to Sedona a few times now, but never taken the jeep tour.  Chuck says it was so fun and very worth it.  And yes, the jeeps are really pink.

The high was in the low 40's. 

 This is the extremely steep and bumpy road the jeep just traveled down.

Monday, game day.  Auburn and Oregon. 
 We all know now that the score was Auburn 22 -Oregon 19. 
 But before the game, Cameron had decided to pull for Oregon. 
 The Ducks.

Pre-game party started at 2:30, kick-off at 6:30...
this was an all day football affair. 


 Photo ops happened.

Then at some point, she started pulling for Taco Bell.
 That's my girl!
I may not like football, but I do like Taco Bell.
Go Taco Bell!

They had a blast at the game...
the crowd was wild and loud and energetic...
and the seats weren't too bad, either.

After a very fun weekend, with lots of perks courtesy of Jordan....
they stopped by her house to give her and Chris a goodbye hug.

Back home on Tuesday....back to the grind on Wednesday. 
Another football bowl season over for Jordan. 
Now she can breathe.  
Breathe Jordan.
We love you.

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  1. 1. BCS was first known as Bryan/College Station.

    2. Don't you feel so grown up saying "our son-in-law"?

    3. I was so impressed and thinking of Jordan when all this was going on-wow! And what a great bowl game; I think she got the most exciting one.

    4. The Ducks. Seriously? My family lives in Oregon so they were rooting for them but I'd be too embarrassed.

    5. Great photos, Chuck, sorry but we really did want to see those pink Jeeps. Otherwise you did a fab job filling in for Julia/Will.