Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I Really Want

I am not allowed to ask for a grandbaby
 from my married daughter. 
And I do not want a grandbaby
 from the other two right now
 for obvious reasons...
I like order to things and the order
 I like babies to arrive is after
 the legal wedding ceremony takes place. 

But if I had a baby, which I cannot, 
this is what I would have in that baby's nursery.

Isn't this adorable?  It's educational without being boring. 
 I love that the letter I is a ruler. 

I may have to start collecting now
 because it may be years
 before I get one of those grandbabies. 

Who knows? 

 I am not allowed to ask.


  1. Me likie too. Doesn't have to be in a baby's room - it could be somewhere in your house, no? Do you park the car in the garage? I saw a cool tutorial on making the Anthro puffy letters... on Tip Junkie.

  2. I agree! Just get it for yourself. It fits you, your in education. I love it because I am a fontaholic.
    Aren't we funny. I would love to be a grandma but I will be waiting YEARS and YEARS! No weddings in the near future here.

  3. But I think it is your RIGHT to ask. And often. Tell her I said it's okay. Because that idea must be used.

  4. Go ahead and start collecting those letters - then you'll be ready:) We had to wait 5 years for the 1st grandchild and now we have 3 under 3 1/2 and another due early this summer.

  5. Oh, this made me laugh. It does take a little while to collect those letters, so if you start now, you'll get exactly what you want!

    Thank you for featuring my wall. :)

  6. if and when that grandbaby comes, you may give that to the potential grandbaby as a nursery gift. if and when.